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Bold North, Bold Presence: Be SB52-Ready

With thousands of football fans visiting soon for SB52 festivities, make sure that your bar/restaurant will attract the crowds. Creating an exciting and welcoming place to gather for great food and drinks will draw in patrons and keep them happy. At Pictura Graphics we can help you create a unique Minnesota game day feel with affordable and customizable graphics and décor.

1. Wall Decals

Pictura Graphics offers all types of customizable wall decals to make sure your restaurant is decked out in all things SB52. Tell the Minnesota story or showcase the legends of Minnesota football with Pictura wall decals. Create buzz with bold visual displays. Give your guests conversation starters with thematic Bold North decals like a mock-up of U.S. Bank Stadium and the Minneapolis skyline, #BoldNorth colors, wintry scenes and more. Best of all, Pictura decals are easy to use and change out when game day is over. This allows you to have Super Bowl-themed walls during the season without the long-term commitment.

2. Promotional Packaging

Not only does Pictura offer traditional signage, we also offer custom designed promotional packaging. Take your SB52 giveaways to the next level and reach key influencers with kits that deliver your brand message. Provide us with your promotional items and we'll create a packaging solution that's sure to score big!

3. Photo Backdrops

For many Super Bowl fans, the most important aspect of their experience is picture proof that they were in town for the biggest game of the year. Pictura offers backdrops that will provide a great area to take Instagram-worthy selfies that appeal to fans of all ages. We can create photo backdrops that are unique, easy to put together and take apart and store after the game. These displays can be used either inside your bar/restaurant our outside your front door to grab foot traffic and create more external visibility.

4. Window Decals

Fans exploring downtown are looking to come in from the cold for great food and drink. Curb appeal is king, and all the restaurants in your area will be trying to stand out, so you may need something that will draw people in from the outside. Pictura can create a variety of customized and SB-themed window decals to bring the hoards of hungry football fans.

Need Help with Getting Your Establishment Ready?

Connect with one of our Team 52 Reps who can help you figure out which graphic solutions will help you create the ultimate big game party!

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