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Tips To Throw the Ultimate Big Game Party

With the Super Bowl coming into town in just a

couple months, Minnesotans are getting ready to throw Pinterest-worthy game day bashes. Whether your business is trying to get your brand recognized, you're throwing a company party for your employees or just want to host a big blowout for a hundred of your closest friends, make sure your SB52 party stands out. Unique event details and experiential elements really set a party apart. Here are four party prep tips that are sure to score a touchdown!

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Four tips to make the most of your Super Bowl LII party:

1.) Football Themed Food

Everyone knows the most important part of any Super Bowl party is the food. But it’s not just the taste that matters—it’s the presentation. Even though we don’t know which teams will be facing off in Super Bowl LII (Skol Vikes!), it’s important that you keep your food on-theme. Football-shaped rice krispie bars or pigs-in-a-blanket are easy apps that everyone will enjoy while ensuring you’re not stuck in the kitchen for kickoff. Buzzfeed has your snack ideas here.

2.) Instagram-able Feature

In this day and age, every good party needs to have a place where guests can post Instagram-worthy selfies or group pictures. As party host, you can create a fun, unique space where your guests can snap the perfect pic. Pictura can help you create customizable party backdrops and photo displays that are sure to get your guests lots of likes.

PICTURA BONUS TIP: Pictura offers temporary decals of all sizes to add a personal flair to your party or event space. Football decals, logos, snowflakes, the choice is yours.

3.) Signature Cocktails

Beer isn’t the only drink of choice for football watching fans - the mark of a perfectly planned party may be an on-theme cocktail. Think a tasty crowd favorite drink that’s easy to make in bulk, like a sangria, punch or cider. Saveur gives you 37 Cocktails For a Crowd.

4.) The Perfect Playlist

A perfect party needs a pre-game or post-game playlist. Music sets the tone and is one of the most important aspects of any social gathering. Make sure you load your playlist up with tunes for all ages and music preferences. Also, it may be imperative to toss in some Justin Timberlake to get everyone ready for the halftime show.

Need Help with Your Party?

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