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The Journey 

The RockBox wanted their franchises to be as unique as they are with their forward thinking on fitness Pictura was a great fit to assess, create and execute their vision!

Our Approach 

The elements Pictura created to bring out the fun and exciting branding of RockBox perfected multi-use items that were both fashionable and functional! 

Custom LED Lightbox

Pictura converted RockBox's traditional "channel letter" lightboxes to its custom LED fixtures.  These LEDs are designed and produced in-house and are an eye-catching solution grabbing the immediate attention of customers as they walk in.

Window & Wall Graphics



Vinyl graphics used on walls and windows throughout the RockBox space is a great way to create excitement and communicate brand identity and messaging.


Custom Wall

RockBox wanted to capitalize on an opportunity to incorporate its branding in an exercise area called a "ball wall." Pictura was challenged with the utilization of durable materials that would handle the wear and tear of medicine balls being thrown repeatedly against the area.

Glove Wall

The glove wall uses both vinyl graphics and custom LED lightboxes allowing for both function and aesthetics!

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